Vertical Drop Shades

Vertical screens are becoming more and more popular among homeowners. Vertical
drop screens are compact, modern, and sleek. They are also energy efficient. Modern
awning screens come in various styles, materials, and color shades, and can be rolled
up manually or automatically.
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Outdoor Patio Drop Shades Increase Energy Efficiency
Outdoor drop shades are well known for making patio spaces more cozy and
comfortable and to increase energy efficiency indoors. If you add a vertical drop awning
screen to your patio or porch it will be so much more enjoyable during hot Californian
summer days. The shades will keep your patio nice and cool.
This is why vertical drop screen is a popular choice for many homeowners. If you are
interested in installing drop shades on your porch or patio, call us at (916)-812-2054
and our team will answer any questions you have or will schedule a consultation with
you to go over the many benefits of the drop down shades and the installation process.

Outdoor Patio Drop Shades Provide Privacy
If you enjoy having a meal with your family and friends, reading a book, or simply
chilling on your patio, your new vertical drop shades will give you privacy and shade.
They will protect you from passers by, neighbors and will allow you to feel free and even
more comfortable at your outdoor space.

How Do Vertical Drop Shades Work?
Most modern vertical drop shades can be operated with remote control. By pressing a
button you can roll them up or down. Another way to operate this type of screen is by
using a handle that is hooked into the covering. By rotating the handle on the vertical
shades you can either roll them up or roll them down. When completely rolled up, the
drop awning screen is hidden inside the housing at the very top.

Pros of Vertical Drop Shades
One of the main benefits is versatility and flexibility of the vertical drop down shades.
Contrary to the conventional window coverings, the vertical drop shades will remain out
of sight once closed. Once the vertical drop shades are rolled up, they are not visible
and won’t obstruct any views of your garden, backyard, hills, mountains or ocean. And
on the contrary, once the shades are down whether manually or automatically they will
protect your patio from excessive heat and light on a hot summer day.
Another great advantage of the vertical drop shades is that they will give you a little
more privacy and protect you from the view of others. Being hidden behind the drop
shades make you feel a little more secure and comfortable on your patio or porch.
Vertical drop shades can also protect you from bugs especially on summer days. This is
especially convenient if you enjoy having a delicious homemade meal with your family
and friends on your porch.
And finally, vertical drop awning screens give a special modern look to your patio and
outdoor space and look stylish and elegant.

How to Take Care of Vertical Drop Shades
Usually vertical drop shades do not require a lot of maintenance. Once they are rolled
up, they are protected by the cover they are stored in. If they’ve been rolled down, it’s a
good idea to to wipe them clean with a soft cloth and mild detergent. This will clean your
shades from dust and other debris and will give it a fresh look. Do not use hose to clean
your vertical drop shades. This may damage the material or other parts of the shades.

Creating Comfort and Privacy in Your Home
Our customers think of vertical drop shades as a long term investment into the comfort
and privacy of their home. They love vertical drop shades because of their modern look,
versatility, protection from heat, privacy, and protection from bugs in the summer. If you
are interested in learning more about the vertical drop awning shades, call us at (916)-
812-2054 and we will set up an in-house consultation to discuss the best vertical drop
shade options for your home.

Custom Exterior Patio Drop Shades

At GL Patios every vertical drop awning screen is customly designed for you. You will
have an opportunity to choose material, frame, and operation method — whether your
drop shades will be manual or automatic. All vertical drop shades are custom in size as
well. We will measure your patio space and will make the drop shades based on your
specific measurements.
If you are interested in extra protection from bugs, we are offering a bottom-track option
that will seal out the space and completely protect your patio space from insects. Our
vertical drop shades are high quality and will help you stay cool in summer, provide
extra privacy and will create more comfort in your outdoor space.
GL Patios have a wide selection of options of vertical drop awning shades, varying in
material style, features and performance. Our vertical drop shades also provide an array
of different benefits:
● Cooler temperature in your outdoor spaces
● Protection from sun
● Privacy protection
● Protection from insects
● Extra protection for your furniture from the sun
If you are not sure what option will suit best with your outdoor space, call us at (916)-
812-2054 and our team will help you make the right choice.