Patio Drop Shades

Patio drop shades are becoming more and more popular. They are energy efficient, stylish and can be a practical and beautiful addition to your outdoor space.

Benefits of Vertical Drop Shades And Vertical Awnings

Vertical drop shades have a lot of benefits. They will

  • Provide shading and protect you from hot temperature in summer and keep your patio cool
  • Protect you from the sun
  • Allow you to enjoy more privacy
  • Act as a sun blocker and protect your patio furniture from sun rays
  • Create a screen that protects from bugs and other insects
  • Give your patio and outdoor space a sleek modern look

Drop shades are retractable. You can use a remote control to easily roll up your vertical drop screen at any time to enjoy your view from the porch. When you need sunscreen you can pull down your vertical drop shades to enjoy protection and privacy.

Installing vertical awnings can also be very beneficial for your patio. They will protect your porch from the sun and will create cool shade for your plants and patio furniture. And finally, if you’d like extra solar protection in your home you can install solar screen shades on your window glass. You can install them yourself by following the instructions on the DIY solar screen kit.

Patio Drop Shades Installation

We always recommend hiring a local company for drop shades installation for many good reasons. First, you will always get a lower installation price when working with a local contractor as they most likely have connections in the area and will be able to negotiate the cost of the materials down. Second, it’s possible that your family, friends or neighbors that live locally have worked with this company and will be able to provide a review of their work.  And finally, a local company may have a showroom or a depot where you can come to preview their work and materials they use.

To find a local contractor you can use the following keywords to do online search: “patio drop shades near me”.

Patio Drop Shades Near Me

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