Free Standing Pergolas

Free-Standing Patio Covers

Free-standing patio covers are always a great idea for your outdoor space. If you regularly enjoy a good meal with your family, you will love a free-standing patio and patio cover in your garden. It will make your garden or outdoor space even more cozy. Don’t know what a free-standing patio or pergola is? Let’s talk about it in more detail.

What is A Freestanding Patio?

A free-standing patio or pergola is called free standing because it’s built separately from the house. It’s a separate structure that is usually built in the backyard.

Building a pergola in your outdoor space has many benefits. First, pergola will create a cozy private space where you can relax with a cup of coffee and a book on a beautiful sunny day, or have family and guest dinners. Second, if you like having outdoor furniture in your back yard, a free-standing patio cover will protect it from rain, wind and other weather elements. A little tip: if you add a canvas canopy to your pergola, you will add even more privacy to your space and will be protected from chilly and rainy weather.

Nowadays you can choose from many free standing patio designs and styles. You can add plants, vines, hanging lights and other decor to make your free-standing patio even cosier.

Pergola Style Patio

Pergola is a structure similar to the free-standing patio. It consists of wood, vinyl, concrete or aluminium columns that support a roof. Roofing can be straight or curved. Pergola can be covered with cloth, glass or by plants. Adding decor and hanging lights will make it look even more charming and cozy. Pergola can be freestanding or attached to the house. Pergolas can create a shade in your back yard and a beautiful cozy space where you can relax or entertain family or guests.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Pergola

If you want to build a pergola in your outdoor space, you are probably wondering about the cost to build pergola. Pergola installation cost will vary depending on the design, material size and other variables. It’s always better to discuss the cost with a local contractor. A local contractor will have connections and will be able to negotiate down the cost of the materials and installation. To find a local installer try the following keywords in search:”pergola installation near me”, “pergola builders near me”, “pergola contractors near me”, “pergolas near me”.

Cost of a free-standing patio or a pergola will depend on the type of the material used, the size, and other specifications. A professional installer or a builder will be able to estimate the cost for you.

GL Patios will be happy to build a free-standing patio, patio cover, awning or a pergola for your outdoor space. We can build a pergola from vinyl lattice or suggest some patio cover designs and create a custom design that will work well with your outdoor space. You will choose the materials, covering, color and other types of decoration. We also offer adding covering for your free-standing patio, you can choose from free standing wood patio covers, aluminum, vinyl and other types of covering.