Custom Lattice

Lattice Patio Cover

Lattice patio cover is a good choice when you want to create a charming place to enjoy a little shade. Solid patio cover provides more shade while lattice cover design allows sun rays to come through the roof. Solid patio covers are great if you want to add a screen to protect your porch or patio from bugs and other elements.

Most of the time solid patio covers are made out of aluminium or alumawood. When it comes to the materials for lattice patio covers they may vary. GL Patios specializes in the installation of:

  • Vinyl patio covers
  • Wood patio covers
  • Metal patio covers
  • Aluminium patio covers
  • Insulated patio covers

Lattice Style Patio Covers

Lattice designs for patios are getting more and more popular with our customers. Lattice style patio covers are always a good choice if you would like to create a charming place to rest with a little shade. You can choose from a variety of lattice patio cover designs to add to your patio or opt in for a custom lattice design.

If you don’t have a lot of space in your back yard, you can build custom trellis that support climbing plants or vines. Cedar trellis panels or cedar lattice fence with a lattice top will add extra charm to your outdoor space.  Adding an umbrella to your patio will also add some shade and charm. Lattice cover can also be used to cover a carport space. If you add vine and climbing plants to your lattice patio cover, it will look beautiful and charming.

How To Install An Aluminum Lattice Patio cover

If you decide to purchase a DIY custom patio cover design, you can buy a kit at Home Depot and follow the instructions on the manual. Aluminum patio cover installation instructions and alumawood patio cover installation instructions can be relatively easy to follow if you have done similar DIY work yourself in the past.

Why Do I Need To Hire a Professional Installer To Install a Patio Cover

If you have never installed a patio cover by yourself in the past, we strongly advise to hire a professional installer for your own safety. Patio cover installation cost will depend on the type of the material and amount of work involved. It’s always better to invite a professional company for an in-house consultation and a price quote.

If you need help installing a patio cover you purchased from Home Depot, search online for “home depot patio cover installation” and you will find a contractor that can help you install your new patio cover. You can also search for a local contractor based on the type of the material you would like to use for your patio. For example, you can use the following keywords: “alumawood patio cover installation” or “palram feria patio cover installation”. Or you can simply search for “patio cover installation near me” and you will find a local contractor specializing in patio cover installation.

Need a custom solid or lattice patio cover for your patio? Need help installing your patio cover? Call GL Patios today (916)-812-2054 for an in-house consultation. We are looking forward to helping you create the patio of your dreams.