Custom Lattice


Many people think that a fence is a necessary thing on the land plot, because it separates your property from the territory of others.  We are not accustomed to having high fences and hiding our home behind it, although sometimes this small detail can help to avoid some problems.  However, ordinary fences are not fashionable anymore and boring for many designers; custom lattices came to their place.

.  The advantage of a lattice over the fence is that it provides the same function, but it is less noticeable and better fit into the exterior of the yard.  In addition, they can also be used to decorate patios, extensions and the interior of the house.  A wide selection of designs allows you to create a design in any style and taste, and a diverse range of colors and materials will make the project suitable for any home.  Particularly beautiful the lattice looks in the garden with flowers and plants that weave on it and create incredible natural decor.