Patio Awnings

Having a beautiful patio awning where you can spend time with friends and family is extremely useful and beneficial, especially here in California, but nothing can beat a patio awning that can provide the shade and protection at any time of day. It is hard to enjoy yourself when the sun is beating 100 degrees and there is no place to hide.

The solution: aluminum awnings for patio. The benefits of utilizing aluminum products are enormous including things such as: lifetime warranty, lightweight product, low-maintenance, numerous styles, and low heat retention. Investment into these products beats any custom wood lattice panels. The minimized need for maintenance and upkeep really makes aluminum awnings for patio worth the money, and most of all, there is no risk of rot or cracking which guarantees a long structural life.

Imagine a picture: a calm evening, you and your family, children are playing Frisbee, and adults are making a barbecue and talking about everything. And now take a closer look at what is around you: a lovely backyard with a beautiful gazebo and a stylish verandah, or a simple lawn with a table and chairs? Probably you like the first option better. Sometimes we do not even think about how the surround affects the atmosphere, but in fact, the patio creates comfort and cosiness. At GL Patio we are aware of this – creating such projects is our vocation. Most Californian families spend their free time outside, because active rest and fresh air is what make us united, and we help these families relax beautifully and comfortably without leaving home.

We have a wide selection of different finished projects, but we are happy to help you create your own if you wish so.  Our great experience will help us to find the best design and materials that will be an exelent addition to your home. If you are afraid that construction is a long and costly process, you will be pleasantly surprised by our advantageous offers and the speed of execution.  Just call us to start working on the patio of your dream!