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Benefits of Free-Standing Pergolas

Nowadays, especially in California many families either build a patio cover or a free-standing
pergola in their garden. Building a charming and cozy pergola has so many benefits. In this
article we’ll discuss these benefits in more detail, but before we do let’s talk more specifically
about pergolas.
A pergola can be looked at as a free-standing patio cover. The main goal of a pergola is to
provide privacy, protection and a comfortable place to rest and have a good time with family and
friends, away from other structures.
Have you ever wanted a comfortable and private outdoor place to relax and have a good time?
A place, where you can enjoy an iced tea and read your favorite book even when it’s hot and
sunny outside? Or enjoy a hot cup of coffee and watch raindrops falling from the sky? A pergola
will create that beautiful private space in your backyard.
Pergolas are custom built with any design taste in mind and can come in any size and shape.
To build a pergola we often use redwood to create that special charm and provide the high
quality that many clients are looking for.
Protect from Hot, Cold and Rainy Weather
Regardless of the material that was used to build your patio, different weather conditions,
especially rain and wind can cause a lot of damage over time that can lead to cracks,
weathering, and possibly dry rot if your patio is wooden. Hot sunny days can cause wood to
fade, peeling paint that usually leads to repainting and repairs. A patio cover can protect your
patio space from many different weather conditions, rain, hail, winds and hot sunny days.
Protecting Your Outdoor Space
Your new pergola will protect your outdoor space from different weather elements as well as
sun, rain, hail or wind throughout the whole year. It will give you a much safer and pleasant
outdoor experience at any time of the day. You can build your pergola with a canvas canopy
that you can keep open during the day for protection from bugs and heat, and close in the
evening to feel the coolness of nights.
Creates Privacy Outdoors
In case you don’t have a fenced yard or if feel you are a little too close to your neighbors, a free-
standing pergola can give you additional outdoor privacy. If built in the right spot, it can give you
a private space and a cool spot to relax. It will provide privacy for your outdoor entertainment
activities with your family and friends. You can always decorate your space with some plants,
screens, linen curtains, vines and hanging lights to make it more cozy, private and reduce noise.

Protect Your Furniture
If you love your outdoor furniture, a free-standing patio cover will protect it from harsh weather
conditions. The sun can make your couch and chair material fade and any paint to peel. If you’d
like to keep your patio furniture and outdoor hardware for a long time, a good solution would be
getting a pergola. Besides, once your furniture is covered and protected you can enjoy it any
time of the day or night despite the rain, wind or heat.
Creates a Cozy Outdoor Space
Patio covers in general add privacy and fun to outdoor entertainment. It provides shade and
protection during hot and cold weather and creates an extra comfortable, cozy and special
space to enjoy with your family and friends. Whether you decide to grill burgers, play board
games, or simply read a book — you’ll always enjoy the privacy, protection and cozy feel of your
new pergola.
Adds an Extra Charm to Your Backyard
Building a free-standing pergola can also add a special charm to your garden and landscaping.
It can become a beautiful architecture and add some height and definition to your backyard.
Your pergola can also add a little more color or contrast to your plants and flowers. An open roof
can also provide the perfect place for soft romantic outdoor lights and lanterns.
Creates a Garden Space
A free-standing pergola can also become a beautiful garden space, where you can grow your
favorite plants and flowers, vines, jasmine or honeysuckle that will add additional character,
freshness, and a beautiful aroma to your new living space. Hanging pots with your favorite
flowers is also a great way to decorate your pergola.
Increase the Value of Your Home
Building a pergola can add value to your home. Real estate studies have shown that a
functioning outdoor space can add 20% more home value. A beautiful pergola will be a feature
that will differentiate your house from others on the market. Should you decide to sell, a pergola
will make your home more attractive to potential buyers.

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